A clear conscience here, where we are continuing to strive for environmental initiatives.

This eco resort is still in progress, but we are excited to share the details so far.

We have scoured the earth for the best products to use for sustainability

  • All outdoor lighting, including spotlights, are solar powered, and create a great ambient light throughout the resort
  • The carpark is being formed with SurePave which is recycled plastic grid, filled with gravel, so that any water collected, seeps gently into the ground, instead of large concrete platforms that rain just flows off.
  • The fencing is constructed of composite timber/recycled plastic, and has sound proofing qualities.
  • Basins in the kitchenettes are all stone, and no harsh cleaning products are used in the resort. All natural products, and gentle herbal mixes are used.
  • The taps have restricted water flow
  • We will be installing water tanks, and ask guests to be water conscious
  • We have used the natural terrain to create spaces between the tents, and they are being heavily planted. We have offset any carbon use, with the trees that we have planted.
  • All the paths are gravel, and create retention of rain water, being porous, and there are copious amounts of mulch to retain the irrigation throughout the gardens.
  • Natural fibres are used where possible, for the linen and furnishings, and the mattresses are Australian made.
  • The canvas of the tents has been purchased from Perth Western Australia, and is fire resistant, and is rigid for heat deflection
  • We use fans where possible, and large mesh screened windows allow the mountain breezes to flow through easily, with the cross draughts
  • the on-site sewerage system, has a 3 part system, which delivers clean water from the Fuji Ace 3000, and the water is pumped up the hill to using gravity to then flow downhill to the gardens
  • All the tents have a large tent ‘fly’ which creates shade to the tents, and allows air to flow naturally through the two layers
  • We have planted thousands of plants and have tall trees to create shade
  • Small individual hot water services have been used on all tents, to limit the amount of water used, and we are not heating huge volumes
The Resort grounds well lit at night with solar lights