All finished!! Accessible Deluxe Safari tent, for you and a companion. Seniors discounts.

Anyone with access needs is made very welcome.

We have a special carpark, well marked, and joined by a wide pathway to the beautifully finished ramp with compliant handrails. This leads to the wide doorway, to the Deluxe Safari tent, with beautiful flat entrance to the main room. The passage across the room to the bathroom is flat, and a slight ramp leads to the compliant bathroom. Which has handrails, and easily reached shower. The shower has a fold down seat. The toilet has rails, and is safe easily used. There is a wide turning circle in the bathroom, for wheelchair access.


Anyone with ADHD, dyslexia, or other sensory needs, will find this a safe and relaxing environment. There are no strong smells, glaring lights, or loud sounds, which may be alarming to some. There is no sensory overload here. You can remain calm, in a secure environment. The deck on the front of the Deluxe tent is wide, and has safety bounce rails right around. To access this tent in the dark, there are sensory lights, and excessive amounts of solar lighting to light your way.

Your first step is to arrive at the Ferry Terminal in Townsville, which has a large ramp to safely access the fast ferry. When arriving at Magnetic Island, there is ramp access to the entry point of the island.


Then you make your way across the carpark, to the reception area of Best of Magnetic, the agent is right there opposite the Ferry Terminal. You arrive at our resort, either by walking/wheelchair from the ferry terminal. or by special taxi, which you prebook.

You enter the resort through wide (3m ) gates, and make your way across the carpark to the ramp to your tented accommodation.

Light and bright chairs, are easily identified, as you go over the wide deck to the front glass doors of the tent. This is deluxe accommodation, and has two king single beds when you bring a companion.


Please talk to us so we can understand any special requirements you have, to make your holiday at our resort, a happy, wonderful experience.

We are approachable, flexible, and solution focused. Our mindset is “inclusive.

Looking forward to welcoming you.